Monday, 14 August 2017

Yup I'm Back! Happy Summer!

Good Monday morning! Everyone survive the harried bustle of getting the kids out the door and spouses off to work? I have my coffee and am all settled in to spend sometime with my friends.

I must admit, I'm not one of those who hates Mondays. After the activity of the weekend I confess I look forward to my quiet Monday morning. I'm very fortunate that I am able to grab my coffee and curl up with my dogs and enjoy the peacefulness of the morning.

I remember summer meaning no schedule for our family. School was done, maybe my younger brother still had baseball for a while into the holidays but he was usually the only one besides my dad of course, who had to be somewhere. It was glorious! Getting up a bit later than usual, calling my best friend and making girl plans. Jam food in, yell goodbye to my mom and I was on my bike and free. 

Everyday was a clean slate, sun shining, freezie money in my pocket for when it got hot, and the world was our oyster... Long bike rides, days hanging out by the dock or the neighbourhood pool. Rarely were we indoors, but even then we were busy colouring our hair, baking some concoction and if we were lucky we could crash at each other's homes and stay up way too late, order pizza and play silly games. 

8 oh so short weeks of self entertainment. No way would my mom have set up a summer schedule. She was busy with my younger siblings so I was expected to be bright enough to call home if we were at my girlfriend's place or if I was going to be late for dinner. My parents didn't organize play dates, or expect to know where I was moment by moment. 

Some summers I was so lucky! Summer camp! 2 glorious weeks away from everything. No phones, no television, no siblings or parents! At camp we learned to shoot .22s and used bows & arrows. But my favorite was the herd of horses. Horse back riding, learning about how to feed and groom the animals. Best of all.. Making life long memories.

Life sure is not the way it was. It appears that children are scheduled year round and families just don't seem to unwind the way we did. Parents feel that they are required to hover and plan every moment of their children's day and this is on top of many parents having to work and fit these schedules into their precious moments of down time. Families seem exhausted. 

Hard to believe that in 2 weeks kids will be running down school halls asking each other what they did this summer. I hope that some kids will be able to say, "I didn't do anything and it was GREAT!". In the next few weeks, please just slow down if you can. Hang out by a river, throw rocks, catch frogs. Before bed check out the night sky and see how many you and your kids can name. Put the schedule away and make some real memories. 

Time for a coffee refill and I'm going to grab a book and enjoy some quiet time this afternoon. Hope your summer is treating you well! I'd love to see pictures of places or things you have done. Maybe I'll even start my next entry started! Cheers everyone! I'm back!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Thinking is Overrated!

Happy weekend my friends and family! Hard to believe we are down to the last quarter of 2015. It's true when they say the older you get, the faster time seems to go.

The leaves are beautiful and the air is crisp now. The weather man has even uttered the nasty 's' word! For crying out loud... I just convinced my husband to take out the last air-conditioned from the bedroom today! I am not ready for Fall.... or... **SNOW** But, alas, as is normal in my world, it just is beyond my control and doesn't matter if I'm ready or not. Life goes on and I'm swept along with the consequences of my situation.

I have been discussing this with several people recently. That loss of control despite preparing for whatever we think is going to happen. We set up schedules, rides, have a friend or family member as back up... but then 'life happens'.

Maybe the situation came unexpectedly, and no matter how prepared, there was no way of really being ready. Maybe your friends couldn't handle the extra 'mile' you needed, or your family had other obligations.

Sometimes when 'life happens' and it seems like a horrible thing, it can actually be a silver lining.  Those fairweather friends show thier true colors, but those near and dear shine bright like a beacon.

These life events teach us so much, and with that comes wisdom and compassion. What was once an overwhelming life event that your family and friends loved and supported you through may one day give you the opportunity to open your arms and heart to someone when 'life happens' to them,because we all know it will no matter how much we try to prepare for it.

Try to keep a soft heart after these situations because no matter what you will be hurt. Don't let that stop you from sharing and helping later on. A few false friends or busy people shouldn't mold you. Maybe 'life' is happening to them at the same time and we just don't see it because we are busy looking at our 'slice of life'.

Above all, speak the truth, but do it not to harm. Be open to people and what they offer you. Try to be slow to judge. And most of all... Life is going to happen... Just try and enjoy it! (told you I was thinking too much! Ha!)

Monday, 10 August 2015

Count Down Is On!

What a difference a few weeks can make! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm summer weather, the frosty drinks and the beautiful starry nights.

I'm looking out my window and already my trees are showing signs of late summer. The bright green leaves have long gone and been replaced with ripening berries on the branches. The quick surge of growth from the warm Spring sun has been replaced by tired blooms and slowed growth. I can hardly believe it is already well into August!

It's been an exciting Spring and Summer for us. The anticipation of half my family moving down the street from me made time seem to stand still yet race forward because I was having lots of fun having my little sister live with us before her family could be here.

Then my youngest graduated from high school (where did THAT time go?!) and we had a home full of family visiting to cheer my son on for his success in this chapter of his life. Shortly after that wonderful celebration I got sick and it seems like just now I am recouping enough that I have energy to enjoy the rest of the summer! Weeee!

So... to 'celebrate' me being well (yaaa.. let's use that excuse!) my hubby found me a new toy! A fun Jeep to run around in. It's not brand new, but it's paid for and that makes
it the best kind of vehicle to have! My dogs already approve and my youngest is demanding to learn how to drive shift so he can drive the Jeep! Ha! Until he figures it out, I'm safe! It's all mine!

So as the weeks tick down to the end of summer and the beginning of the next school year (and I know many excited parents anticipating that day!) enjoy the evening fire pits, toasted marshmallows
and yes... even the million hotdogs you probably have consumed by now! Ha! All to soon we will be longing for these glorious warm lazy summer days.

Enjoy the count down! It's going way to fast for me!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Thank You For Being My Friend...

Good sunny afternoon my friends and family! I hope you are all enjoying these fleeting carefree summer days. All too soon the heat we are grumbling about now will be replaced with frosty mornings and busy schedules! So! Grab a frosty mug of something cold,  put that lawn chair in the shade and let's chat.

Well today is going to be kind of a rant/"what's your opinion? " kind of blog. I've been sick since May, and because of that I have had the 'pleasure' of spending many hours sitting in the ER waiting room or in a hospital bed. Other times I'm enjoying the company of other people requiring the expertise of the nursing staff as we all line up for iv medications for varying ailments. (by the way... nurses are saints! This is not a pick on nurses blog.. EVER!)

During all this quality hospital time I  noticed that patients all kind of bond with each other as we started seeing each other day after day. At first it's, "So, what brings you here?"... Then someone eavesdropping a couple chairs down has to top your illness with something cool like a black widow spider bite! (true story! Really gross!) Ha! Pretty soon you all have cell phones out sharing pictures and Facebook pages and you feel like wow! I've really hit it off with someone who gets me! I've made a friend!

Now.... here's where my rant is about to kick in because while I was also in the hospital I also had several conversations with people who were terribly upset by their 'friends'... some they had even know since childhood. These were people who knew each other's deepest darkest secrets and now they were having these terrible arguments while they were in the hospital and needed each other the most.

Lots of people felt very isolated from
family and friends. People who they felt should have been the most supportive and understanding were suddenly 'too busy' to talk or drop by. Some family members were challenging the 'reality' of the suffering the patient was complaining about or the reality of the actual diagnosis.

I don't get it. Why is a friendship based on good times? We all have valleys in life and rest assured you will be much happier to know that the people who you have over for backyard BBQs and sit and watch movies with or share neighborhood gossip with will also be the people who will be there to hug you and sit and listen when life has you down.

Why are we sitting alone in hospitals sharing our fears and pain with total strangers? Why are our nearest and dearest too busy... too tired of us and our situation... What needs to change? I know we need to educate each other... patient and friends... be honest... talk to each other. Not behind each other's backs. It's not easy, but hurting each other is harder. One awkward conversation being open can save a relationship and who knows... Maybe next time we meet at the hospital, you won't be sitting talking to me... You'll be laughing with your bestie!

As a closing note, before my hubby reads this and has hurt feelings, I have to say I am extremely lucky as he usually drives me and stays with me as often as he is able to. He also listens to me whine and complain but we also have learned that every opportunity that I am well we are out the door and enjoying each other's company. He puts up with my goofiness and hands me a tissue when I'm teary. He really is my best friend. SHMILY

I'd love to hear from you all about how you get through the good and bad days. Leave a comment or email me! Enjoy your day and treasure your special family and friends!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Next Chapter

Good afternoon my friends and family! I know! It's been a while. I must admit to a few things before we begin... writers block for sure was number one on my list! I kept thinking how totally uneventful my life has been... I've kind of reached a period of time in my life where my children are old enough to care for themselves & are gone all day (and some nights!) and my husband is busy working at a very demanding job that keeps him hopping.

Also, I've spent most of the summer recovering from a bad infection so I have not had the energy to do... well... anything. My doggie nurse maids keep me company and I find myself sleeping a lot!! So my pool of writing material has been rather low needless to say!

But as I was laying here this morning bemoaning another slow moving start to my day, it also dawned on me that today is the official count down to when my sister goes back home to pick up our mom and her family, 2 u-hauls, 2 cats, tent trailer and what ever else manages to hitch hike back with them!

So no more empty nest! No more 'all the kids are grown & gone'! I get the blessing of enjoying a' do over' with my niece and nephews. Back to cheering on sporting events, sitting in concerts and school plays. Back to little cuddles and goodnight kisses with the added perk of sending them home! Hehehe!

So looking forward to having the writer's block gone with the entertainment of this new pool of 'victims'! Small children and stressed out adults always offer some writing value. (insert evil laugh here!)

Being an Auntie is awesome! 9 more sleeps! Drive those U-hauls like you stole them guys!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New Chapters...

Wow! Spring! OK... I think I've been on a bit of a hiatus... My life just seemed to stop and not really seem to be that 'blog' worthy I guess. But, with the change in season, it seems that I am looking at a change in life too. So... grab that warm mug and grab a chair and let's catch up!

So first I should clarify, these life changes are happening to family around me and these changes are pleasantly enhancing my world.

My youngest sister and her family along with my mom with be all moving to my neck of the woods by mid July! I am so very excited to have some of my family near me. What fun it will be to finally be a full time Auntie!

Also hitting a major life milestone is my youngest son. He is graduating high school this year and that officially is my last one through early education. Now the world is at his feet and like most young people his age he has countless dreams but no real plans. Lucky for him he is #3 and we don't worry so much like we did with #1. They figure it out.

I can't believe I just celebrated another birthday... Bringing the mid century mark that much closer too. It's still a few years away (phewwww) but not as far as I would like it to be! I look at pictures of old friends from high school and think... Wow! I hope I don't look that old! And then another scarey thought pops into my head.. the people I went to high school with now run the government. Haha!

How exciting these next few months will be as my sister and her family settle in to their new home and my mom settles into hers. We are all within a short walk of each other so it's very exciting!

My 3 young men are all stepping up into new life stages. Finishing college, starting careers, finding themselves... such an exciting and intimidating time of life, but hopefully they enjoy it all!

Hope this finds all my friends & family far and wide happy and well! Enjoying new chapters in your life, small and large!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Time To Turn The Page

Wow! You must think I died or something! Nope... Just kind of had a writer's block for a while I guess... So let's see if the break did anything to improve my skills at all! Haha!

The year has literally flown by in a blink of an eye! As I sit here writing this I am staring out my window at my backyard and can see the beautiful trees changing color and I am stunned that it is already Fall.

Geese are honking over head, practicing for their flight South soon. Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of spending Thanksgiving with most of my family out East. My nieces and nephews there are growing so fast and are such a blast to be with! I keep telling my sisters to enjoy this period of time in their lives (as the baby throws up on one sister and my other sister has to break up the kids who are fighting in the other room! Ha!).

This Fall marks the final year I have a 'child' in high school. My baby boy will be graduating and all my young men will be working on that age old question... 'What do I want to be when I grow up?'... also know as the "how long can I live at mom & dad's now before they get annoyed and demand rent??" My oldest is 22 and has figured it out. As long as he's a perpetual student, he's safe! Ha! Everyone cross your fingers that the 2 younger ones don't follow suit! Heehee!

Each chapter of our lives seems so intense and 'forever' when we are in the moment. Pregnancy seems like the longest 40 weeks EVER! Then all of a sudden here's this beautiful child in your arms. That seems never ever to want to sleep! Or be potty trained. Then all of a sudden he's starting his final year of high school and you think.. Whoa! Did I blink?

I look over my shoulder and see my mom with her seemingly endless supply of energy. Mentally I know she's getting older... but I'm not ready to turn that page yet too. I love her the way she is.

Fall is so beautiful. The crisp cool air, the gorgeous colors, the anticipation of warm evenings by a fire. Time to turn the page on the next chapter of the year.

Glad to be back! Missed chatting with you all! Enjoy those warm toddies at the football games and hope it doesn't snow before the kiddies go trick or treating at the end of the month...